'Vatika Business Park Gurgaon Location Price List Floor Plan Commercial Office Space Sale Lease Rent'

'Vatika Business Park Gurgaon Location Price List Floor Plan Commercial Office Space Sale Lease Rent'
00:20 Jul 23, 2022
'Call Arun @ +919560214267. Providing an ideal environment for superior business performance Vatika Business Park consists of over 8,70,000 sq. ft. of office space. The complex boasts of a one-acre central landscaped courtyard/piazza -- its three   building blocks are configured around this. In addition to this, a specially designed \"Bean Garden\" provides welcome aesthetic relief.  Corporate retail, restaurants, food-courts, ATMs, a cafeteria, training rooms, and a health club will comprise a 360-degree experience to the approximately   11,000 professionals working at Vatika Business Park.  Area Specification Plot Area   6.88 acres Green Belt Area   1.39 acres     Number of Floors Block One   Ground + Eight Floors Block Two   Ground + Fourteen Floors Block Three   Ground + Eight Floors Three Level Basements         Floor to Floor Height Ground Floor   4.50 m Typical Floor   3.75 m First Basement   4.20 m Second & Third Basements   3.75 m     Elevators Block One   6 nos. 16 pax Passenger Elevators, 1 no. Service Elevator Block Two   9 nos. 20 pax Passenger Elevators, 1 no. Service Elevator, 2 nos. Escalators for Retail Area Block Three   5 nos. 16 pax Passenger Elevators, 1 no. Service Elevator     Other Features Food Court, Restaurants, Health Centre, Training Rooms and Retail Outlets/ ATMs Independent access to each block Landscaped central piazza     Structural System Foundation   Isolated foundations Floor Slab   275mm thick flat slab with drop panels of 450 mm thickness Typical Column Sizes   750 mm Dia , 900mm Dia,1000mm Dia, 1150mm Dia     Finishes External Cladding   6 nos. 16 pax Passenger Elevators, 1 no. Service Elevator Tenant Floor Finish   75mm clearance left Basements   Floor Finish - Concrete with non-metallic floor hardener Main Lift Lobby   Wall Finish - Tiles, Floor Finish - Tiles, Ceiling - Gypsum Service Lift Lobby   Wall Finish - Tiles, Floor Finish - Stone, Ceiling - Gypsum Toilets   Wall Finish - Tiles, Floor Finish - Tiles, Ceiling - Gypsum, Urinal  WC Partitions - Laminate Partition Main Staircase   Floor Finish - Granite, Skirting - Granite, Wall Finish - Enamel Paint, Service Staircase   Floor Finish - Stone, Skirting - Stone, Wall Finish - Enamel Paint     Parking Total Parking   1073 cars Bay size   5.5m x 2.5m wide bays for each car     Security CCTV Cameras   In all basements, lift lobbies of Ground Floor and at the entry/exit of ramps Security   24 hour manned security at all common areas of the complex including outside Access Control   Control barrier with electronic proximity cards at ramp entrances.     Fire Fighting Staircase   One main staircase and one fire escape staircase in each block Travel Distance   Maximum travel distance 45m Wet riser/ Hose Reels   Adjacent to each staircase Yard Hydrants   Provided at ground level as per NBC norms. Hand-held Extinguishers   Provided as required in landlord\'s areas Fire Fighting Pumps   2 nos. main fire electric pumps, Cap. 2850 lpm, 110 m head 2 nos. fire jockey pumps, Cap. 180 lpm, 110 m head  1 no. Common diesel engine driven stand by pump, Cap. 2850 lpm, 110m head     Tanks Underground (Basement) Fire Water tank   200 Kilolitres Raw Water tank   320 Kilolitres Filtered water tank   564 Kilolitres Soft water Tank   130 Kilolitres     Terrace Level Water Storage Block One Fire Tank   20 Kilolitres Flushing Tank   25 Kilolitres Filtered water tank   35 Kilolitres Block Two Fire Tank   20 Kilolitres Flushing Tank   30 Kilolitres Filtered water tank   45 Kilolitres Block Three Fire Tank   20 Kilolitres Flushing Tank   15 Kilolitres Filtered water tank   25 Kilolitres     Fire Alarm System Hybrid Fire alarm system with Addressable main fire alarm panel located in Security & Fire Control Room on Ground Level along with repeater Panel in   Security room. Adequate provision for installation of addressable or conventional fire alarm devices / panels at all levels for tenants requirements. Air Conditioning Central Chilled Water type with combination of Screw Chiller and Centrifugal chiller, adequate no.s of Floor Mounted/Ceiling suspended AHU units on each   office floor, Thermal storage to meet peak load, Heat Recovery Units/ Ozonizer to reduce the plant capacity by 15%.     HVAC Plant Capacity Centralized HVAC plant 2900 TR (400 TR x 3nos. Screw chillers + 850 TR x 2 nos. Centrifugal Chillers) equivalent plus 8000 TR/Hr Thermal storage.     Piping and Ductwork Chilled Water piping from A.C. Plant to Air Handling units, Common link area complete with ducting and grills, Ductwork from Air Handling Units capped off   at tenant\'s areas with fire dampers. adequate Floor Mounted/Ceiling suspended AHU units per floor are planned, Ducting with fire dampers up to AHU room  walls in Vatika scope & rest in client\'s scope.' 

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