'Best Singapore Food - GIANT Murtabak at Singapore Zam Zam!'

'Best Singapore Food - GIANT Murtabak at Singapore Zam Zam!'
08:53 Apr 4, 2022

'Singapore Zam Zam is one of the best restaurants to eat murtabak: https://migrationology.com/singapore-zam-zam-murtabak/ ►Subscribe to my channel for more videos: http://bit.ly/MarkWiensSubscribe Located across the street from Sultan Mosque at the corner of Arab Street and Bridge Road is the legendary Singapore Zam Zam, one of the most famous places to eat murtabak the entire city. They are nearly always busy, and while they do have a full menu of Indian dishes, including rice and curry, they are most well known for their murtabak. Originally ar Arab food, murtabak in Singapore is often a combination of Arab and Indian flavors and cooking methods. The process begins with a ball of dough with is pounded out into a very thin sheet by tossing and flapping the dough. Once it’s paper thin, a mixture of spices and minced meat (depending upon what murtabak version you ordered) is mixed up into the middle of the dough. Next, one of the most important things to add is an egg - and at Zam Zam he expertly tossed in the egg, then mixed it up with his hand so it almost immediately mixed. The next step it was wrapped up into a package so the dough was covering all sides, and then it was tossed onto a hot skillet filled with oil where it deep fried and fried until crispy and golden brown on all sides. I decided to go with two different types of murtabak, one filled with beef and one filled with chicken, and they were both served with a curry dipping sauce on the side. There were five different sizes of the murtabak that you could order as well, and I chose the medium size, but we got two of them to share. Both of the murtabaks were extraordinarily delicious, filled with a combination of minced meat and chicken, plus egg, lots of onions, and some spices. And having the bowl of curry sauce on the side to add to each bite, elevated it to make it even better. I thought the chicken murtabak was the best, but the curry sauce served with the beef one was better. So they were both delicious. Singapore Zam Zam Address: 697-699 N Bridge Rd, Singapore Open hours: 7 am – 11 pm daily Prices: Depending on what size you order, I had the medium for $8 SGD per murtabak How to get there: Take the MRT to Bugis station, walk towards Arab St., and Singapore Zam Zam is across the street from Sultan Mosque. ============================================ My websites: Migrationology.com: http://migrationology.com/ EatingThaiFood.com: http://eatingthaifood.com/ TravelByYing.com: http://travelbyying.com/ Instagram: https://instagram.com/migrationology Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/migrationology Donate: https://migrationology.com/donate/ Resources I use: http://migrationology.com/travel-resources/ T-shirts available now: https://migrationology.com/store/ Singapore food guide: http://migrationology.com/2016/01/singapore-food/'

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