'Street Food Feast at Global Village, Dubai.

'Street Food Feast at Global Village, Dubai.
33:39 Jun 19
'I visited Global Village; a massive theme park in Dubai. The theme of this park is that many nations from across the globe have a space where their local food and products are sold. I went to Global Village specifically for the food.  The theme park is much bigger than I expected. As I went on a weekday and before evening it was very peaceful with lots of room to walk around and no queues anyway.  I indulged in food and drinks from India, Thailand, Japan, Turkey and Bosnia. I\'d originally planned to buy one item from each country but India, Japan and Thailand temped me back for seconds.  I tried food that I hadn\'t experience before such as Dahi Puri, an Indian snack, and also many things that I\'d eaten before but are difficult to find overseas such as Takoyaki, a Japanese street food.  Global Village is very well laid out and has a big fairground in the middle of it with roller coasters, Ferris Wheel, ghost house and all that sort of stuff. I dared not try it with a belly full of food though. They\'re also quite strict about not taking cameras on the rides. I\'d usually just find a sneaky way to use my camera on the rides, as I did at Dufan in Indonesia, but it\'s not really a good idea to break rules in the UAE.   

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