'My Boyfriend Cooks for Me? Tasmania Vlog'

'My Boyfriend Cooks for Me? Tasmania Vlog'
30:46 Mar 18

'Hey Foodies! I\'m heading to Tasmania and I thought I should vlog a little whilst I\'m here. I hadn\'t seem my boyfriend for over a month and this is the first time seeing him again (hope its not weird that I\'m vlogging it haha :D) He made me some delicious foods! What are you having for lunch today? Email your stories to - [email protected] Include social media in email to receive a shoutout in our next video. Please like subscribe and comment it means a lot! ❤ Instagram @Foodtalesmukbang Bo\'s instagram @1dayinjapan Trinity\'s instagram @Tl.IG & @hey.trinity Snapchat @Foodtales'

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